Introduction to the Build Better Software Podcast

Introduction to the Build Better Software Podcast

Hi, I'm George Stocker, and welcome to the Build better software podcast. 

In this show, we explore practices, techniques and strategies that help software leaders enable their teams to build better software.

That sounds a bit vague, so let's dive into what I mean.

Software does not exist in a vacuum. While the act of programming involves a computer and compiler; producing software for humans to use requires so much more.  From the practices the team uses to create the code that runs the system, to the business interactions with the development team, to the societal implications of the software itself, everyone is affected by software creation in some form or fashion.  But, we don't build software that way, and we certainly don't teach software leaders -- those individuals accountable for producing software, how to take into account all these various aspects.

For instance, we leave it to experience alone to teach software teams how to communicate with customers, conduct product discovery, decide on development practices such as test-driven development, determine the architecture of their software, not to mention important aspects like design, impact, and responding to change amidst an uncertain world. the Build better software podcast dives into these issues with experts in each of these fields; with the goal of helping software leaders enable their teams to produce better software.

You don't have to be a manager to be a leader; and you don't have to be a leader in title to listen to this podcast, but I hope that by listening to this podcast, you'll become a better leader, and we'll produce better software for it.

What does "build better software" mean?  It means to improve on all axes. Outward faces axes like impact, Value, Performance, Cultural, societal, and inward facing axes like team cohesion, strategic thinking, and knowledge creation.  

This podcast will equip you to be able to address the hairy parts of producing software, before it's too late.

So join me weekly to learn about the topics that will enable you and your team to produce better software, and explore what it means to build better software on the build better software podcast.

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