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Resilient Management with Lara Hogan

I sit down with Lara Hogan to learn about how to give feedback that lands, Her management consulting practice, WhereWithAll; the styles of 1 on 1 leadership engineering leaders can use to improve their team; her book resilient management, and the similarities and differences between traditional style management with modern day management, and how to help teams retain talent that will help them build better software.

Should your team use an Object Relational Mapper (ORM)?

In this episode we talk about the advantages and disadvantages for ORMs. Who they're for, and who they aren't.

Software and Community Management with Josh Heyer and Jon Ericson

Josh Heyer (Developer Advocate for EnterpriseDB, former Community Manager for Stack Overflow) and Jon Ericson (Community Manager for College Confidential, and former Community Manager for Stack Overflow) sit down to talk about the intersection of community management and software development.

Product Discovery and Customer Research with Michele Hansen

This week I sit down with Michele Hansen, founder and CEO of to talk about Product Discovery and Customer Research.

Should your team adopt Test Driven Development?

In this episode, I go through the pros and cons of adopting Test Driven Development, so you can decide if it's worth it for your team.

Wardley Mapping With Ben Mosior

Ben Mosior joins me to talk about Wardley Mapping and how Software leaders can use it to contextualize decisions they make.

Introduction to the Build Better Software Podcast

Introduction to the Build Better Software Podcast

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